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Built on the success of MyMathLab,® MyReadingLab,™ and MyWritingLab,™ MyFoundationsLab™ is a complete online mastery-based resource for assessing and remediating college- and career-readiness skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.

The system offers a rich environment of pre-built or customized assessments, personalized learning plans, and highly interactive learning activities that enable students to master skills at their own pace.

Ideal for learners of various levels and ages, including continuing education or workforce readiness programs, MyFoundationsLab provides the skill development students need in order to be successful in college level courses or careers.

Pearson is transforming how students learn. MyFoundationsLab from Pearson uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest quality content in the most personal, accessible, and affordable ways. All of this leads to success-for students, teachers, and institutions.

MyFoundationsLabTM means:

Proven Results: A proven way to help individual students achieve the goals that educators set for their course

Engaging Experiences: Dynamic, engaging experiences that personalize and activate learning for each student

A Trusted Partner: From Pearson, a long-term partner with a true grasp of the subject, excellent content, and an eye on the future of education

Students like learning at their own pace; they can go as fast or as slow as they need. MyFoundationsLab facilitates this structure; it’s more driven by mastery learning, not by what the teacher says a student should be doing.
Jennifer McLearen, Instructor,
Piedmont Virginia Community College (VA)
Proven Results

MyFoundationsLab™ works in any environment-lab-based, hybrid, or fully online. Results show the quantifiable difference that Pearson MyLab technology has on student retention, subsequent success, and overall achievement. Learn how MyFoundationsLab affects teaching and learning.

Data Collection

MyFoundationsLab’s comprehensive online gradebook and reporting tools allow educators, program administrators, and institutions to track and manage student progress in detail. You can assess the performance across multiple sections and locations, evaluate students against benchmarks, or even use the gradebook to quickly intervene if your students have trouble or need encouragement.

Our new solution helps us identify exactly what motivates a specific student, thereby enabling us to tailor our program and services to best help each one. Initially low-scoring students are progressing faster than ever before.
A large private-sector college in the southwestern United States
Data Analysis

The data within MyFoundationsLab™ is easily exported to a variety of spreadsheet programs. You can determine which points of data you want to export, and then analyze the results to determine progress and success.

An Engaging Experience
MyFoundationsLab™ engages students in active learning. Immediate feedback and tutorial assistance motivate students to do more work, which means they retain more knowledge, remediate faster, and improve their test scores.
Diagnostic Path Builder

This comprehensive diagnostic tool aligns to specific outcomes in each subject area- reading, writing, and math. MyFoundations Lab offers a pre-built library of Path Builder assessments to choose from; instructors can also create a Path Builder tailored to specific learning outcomes.

Personalized Learning Path

Once students complete a Path Builder diagnostic test, they receive a personalized set of content modules, in a format called the Learning Path. Every student’s personalized Learning Path shows at a glance which modules to practice. The Learning Path helps focus efforts and accelerate student progress..

Interactive Activities

The heart of MyFoundationsLab™ is the depth and range of its pre-built learning activities, each designed to help students gain confidence and proficiency in specific skills. Learning Activities for each topic may include overviews, examples, videos, and tutorials. Practice exercises provide immediate feedback and offer step-by-step help.

A Trusted Partner

Knowing that you are using a Pearson product means knowing that you are using quality content. That means that our assessment tools work, our content is accurate, and our questions are error-free.

And if you are just getting started with MyFoundationsLab, or have a question along the way, we’re here to help. We offer several ways-all complimentary-for you to learn about our technologies and how to incorporate them into your course.


For instructors, MyFoundationLab makes life a lot easier.

Connie Johnson, Instructor,
American Intercontinental University

I compared a lot of products that ware out there and the biggest reason I wanted to use MyFoundationLabTM is that it was very easy to customize.

Jennifer McLearen, Instructor,
Piedmont Virginia Community Collage (VA)